Accelerated Online Degree Programs: Frequently Asked Questions

Taking a fast-track degree course online is a great way for professionals to acquire higher education while in a full-time job. Also, online programs cost less than regular classroom-based college degrees, and they offer more flexibility in terms of completing assignments and time and location of study.

If you’re looking to acquire a college degree fast, here are five frequently asked questions that will answer your basic queries about degree programs available online.

Can I do an advanced course such as Master’s or PhD online?

Yes. Several reputed colleges offer advanced online degree courses in a number of subjects. You can enroll for an accelerated Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and even a PhD.

Where should I enroll for an online program?

Many established colleges and prestigious universities now also offer online degree programs for working professionals. Choosing the right institution for an online college degree depends on a number of factors; however, the most important question you should ask is if the institution and the course being offered are accredited to a recognized accrediting agency.

Should I opt for a college that has regional accreditation or national accreditation?

It has been seen that regional accreditation is more respected that national accreditation. So if you have a choice, opt for a program accredited to a regional accrediting organization. For educational institutions it is harder to acquire regional accreditation because of the strict rules governing the same.

At the same time, studying with a regionally accredited college may cost you more, but it also has several advantages: If you’re a working professional, your employer may offer to reimburse your tuition; you can use your credits from a previous course (at a regionally accredited college) to the present course; and you can seek state license in different lines of work.

How can I fast-track my online college degree program?

One way to do this is to take an exam such as CLEP in a subject that you don’t want to study all over again. By taking this exam for a small fee, you can get up to 12 credits on your course. This not only accelerates your college education, but also saves you tuition money for those subjects.

Other ways to fast-track your online college degree is to take accelerated classes; receive credit for past education, work or life experience; or receive credit for military training.

What are the key points to consider when choosing a fast online degree program?

First and foremost, the college must be accredited to a respected accrediting agency. The other key factors that should influence your choice of an online course are: cost of the program including any hidden fees, length of the degree course, minimum admission requirements, start and end dates of the program, learner-faculty ratio, class size, and, last but not least, financial aid available for the said course.

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