How to Find Scholarships Fast

You are in your senior year of high school and have already finished your college applications. The college acceptance letters and financial aid award letters are in. You are so anxious and excited to go to college. The only problem is the financial aid that you received from your dream college falls short of the amount that you need to actually attend that college. What do you do now?

So many children and parents are left wondering how will I be able to pay for college?  Is it too late to find scholarships and apply for them?

I know these questions were running through my mind the first time that I received a financial aid award letter from college. Going back to January 2007, I was so thrilled that I got accepted to all of the colleges that I applied to— even though I had only applied to three— and was sitting back waiting for the money to roll in. Little did I know I had a rude awakening in store. The day finally came a few weeks later that my first financial aid letter for college number 1 arrived. Anxiously I tore open the envelope and read what the letter said.

“Congratulations! We are awarding you $20,000 worth of scholarships.”

WHOO! I shouted at the top of my lungs. Only to be later devastated by the fine print which stated that the college would cost a total of $40,000 to attend for the year. How in the world could I magically come up with $20,000 to go to college this year?

The truth is you can magically find scholarships fast which will help you cover some of the costs of attending college. There are some scholarships that you will be able to find just in time for your first semester in college which may only be a few months away.

If you want to know where to find scholarships quickly, watch this.

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