7 colleges with free tuition

Have you ever wished that you could go to college for free?

Maybe you do not want to have to worry about the rising cost of tuition each semester or college-campuspaying back student loans after graduation.

Maybe you don’t want to spend the time and energy that it takes to apply for scholarships, although you know that with my help, the scholarship process can be much easier than you think.

Or maybe you did not get as much scholarship money as you thought you would get to go to your dream school and are now exploring other options.

Well, if any of this describes you, you are in luck!

There are actually colleges that will give you or your child free tuition.

These colleges are called “work colleges.” They are giving students a portion, sometimes all, of their tuition for free in exchange for the student to work on campus during the student’s attendance. Students perform duties like landscaping, cooking, and many other duties in order to reduce the cost of attending college.

Below, I am giving you 7 work colleges that you can check into if you want your college tuition paid for:

1. Alice Llyod College located in Pippa Passes, Kentucky
Children residing in the Alice Lloyd’s college area, which includes areas in Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee,  are given free tuition.*

2. Berea college located in Berea, Kentucky
Provides free tuition to all students that are accepted.*

3. Blackburn College located in Carlinville, Illinois
Offers free tuition for students residing in Illinois with the greatest financial need. Also has a work program that gives students tuition credits ranging from $2,640 to $3,300 each semester.*

4. Missouri’s College of the Ozarks located in Point Lookout, Missouri
Grants free tuition to all students*

5. Ecclesia College located in Springdale, Arizona
Offers students an average of $2,025 in tuition credits per semester for their work program.*

6. Warren Wilson College located in Swannanoa, North Carolina
Offers a $3,480 tuition credit as part of their work program.*

7. Sterling College located in Craftsbury Common, Vermont.
If you live on campus and participate in the work program, you will receive $800 in tuition credit each semester.*

*Make sure to check the criteria and amounts awarded each year for the colleges. These are for 2014.

Always remember, free tuition does not mean you will go to college completely for free. Free tuition will decrease the cost of attending the college, but you have to factor in the cost of room and board and other fees as well.

Would you like to get free tuition for college? If so, would you rather apply for scholarships or do a work program? Why? Leave a comment with your response.

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Happy Scholarship Winning!

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