Do your grades suck? Meet Gretchen Wegner, Academic Coach

Do your grades suck?

If so, you know I can still help find scholarships for you.

Like the Loren L. Zachary Society for the Performing Arts national vocal competition for young opera singers. If you are 21-33 years old for females or 21-25 years old for males and want to be an opera singer but your grades suck, you can still apply. They don’t even ask for your GPA or SAT scores!Gretchen wegner academic coach

But if you want to expand the amount of scholarship opportunities that you can be eligible  for, my friend Gretchen Wegner can help you get your grades up.

No, she isn’t a tutor!

Gretchen is an academic coach. While tutors focus solely on helping to increase your grades in one particular subject that your child might have a problem in, academic coaches help children who need help boosting their grades for ALL of their classes by identifying their unique learning style and enhancing the processes that they are using for preparing for class and studying.

So if your child doesn’t have the best GPA, you will definitely want to watch this!

Gretchen shares with us her insight on why some students have sucky grades and what you can do about it to help them increase these grades not just in high school, but in college and graduate school as well.

As always, happy scholarship winning and enjoy the rest of your summer.

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