High Blood Pressure Linked to Student Loan Debt!

Did you know that high blood pressure and poor health in young adults is linked to debt?

Just think about all of that student loan debt that some young adults have acquired. The blood pressureaverage amount of student loan debt in 2012 was about $29,000.

Did you know that this student loan debt could be making you SICK and causing you to have high blood pressure?

Researchers at Northwestern University conducted a study which discovered that young adults between the ages of 24 to 32 with high financial debt/ student loan debt were more likely to have higher blood pressure readings AND were more likely to feel stressed and depressed.

This study, which was published in the Social Science and Medicine Journal, found that young adults with higher debt had a 1.3% increase in their diastolic blood pressure reading. 1.3% may not seem like a huge increase, however, an increase of the diastolic blood pressure by only two points will increase the risk of a stroke by 15 percent.

By: Shanice Miller, founder of DebtFreeCollegeGrad.com

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