Is 4 Years of College Worth A Lifetime of Debt?

By: Shanice Miller, founder of

Recently, there have been a lot of articles surfacing about skyrocketing college costs and the effects that student loan debt has on graduates. Usually, the student loan debt that graduates end up with is so abundant that it puts a serious burden on them. The burden is so great that it poses the question, “Is 4 Years of College Worth A Lifetime of Debt?”

Yahoo! Finance spotlighted “7 College Graduates Whose Lives Were Wrecked by Student Loan Debt.” These 7 people’s stories and experiences can help you be the judge— Is 4 years of college worth a lifetime of debt?

“Stephanie Snyder, 44, graduated in 2005 with a B.A. in Public Administration. She worked three jobs at one time to pay down her $38,000 student loan balance.”

“Carla Ruiz, 53, earned her MBA in 2006. Today, she’s $120,000 in debt and lives in an attic apartment.”


“Kyle Laffin, 25, asked his dad to co-sign a $100,000+ private student loan for a B.A. in accounting. Now, he has $1,200 monthly payments. His dad is working two jobs and dipping into his retirement savings to help him pay it down.” 


“Since earning his MBA in 2004, Michael Pope, 38, has been bankrupt, homeless, and unable to find a job that pays well enough to tackle his $140,000 loan debt.

I’ve only summarized 4 of the 7 people in the Yahoo! finance article whose lives were wrecked by student loans. (To read the full article, go to:

So back to the question, “Is 4 years of college worth a lifetime of debt?” After reading these stories, I think not. College is supposed to help you obtain a better life, but being submerged in debt will not help you accomplish that goal.

Would you trade a lifetime in debt for a college degree? Leave your comment below.

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