Keeping Up Your Energy Levels during the Day

running low on batteryBy Alek S.

As a college student, you might find yourself struggling to find the energy to get everything you need to done. In addition, relying on late-night Red Bulls and being divided between a social life and our academic priorities can make it especially hard to stay awake through a particularly long class.

Developing strategies to keep your energy level up for an entire day can help you be alert, and can empower you to live a more fulfilling life. Here are some simple tips you can utilize to keep your energy levels high throughout the day…

Drink lots of water

When it comes to most health tips, the first thing you’re always going to read is to make sure that you’re drinking enough water. While this might seem like a cliche, it’s something that deserves to be repeated over and over again. Becoming dehydrated is a surefire way to put brakes on your energy levels throughout the day, and can lead to headaches and other health problems.

Drinking water helps people feel fresh, as well as more alert. On top of that, drinking lots of water helps your digestive system work properly, which means that you are processing your food into energy, quicker. To help you throughout the day, carry around a water bottle, or even a gallon of water, if you are doing particularly strenuous physical activity.

Utilize healthy ways to get caffeine

beautiful cup of matcha teaLots of people use caffeine as a method to get energized for the day. This is the reason why the quintessential cup of morning coffee is so prevalent for so many people around the world. However, you shouldn’t be entirely dependent on caffeine to get your boost. Drinking too much caffeine can also cause a degree of health problems, and can make a person jittery. Also, drinking too much caffeine at once will lead to a crash, which is counterproductive to our goals.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to find healthy ways to get caffeine, which can be very useful, if you don’t overuse it. Although there is nothing wrong with a cup of coffee, getting your caffeine through a drink with less caffeine means that you will get a steady balance of energy from the caffeine, without the harsh crashes that follow. Here’s an informative article about why many people are using matcha tea for this purpose.

Find fulfilling ways to be active

A healthy dose of physical activity every day isn’t going to make you more tired. It’s actually going to improve your energy levels by naturally creating endorphins that will make you feel more awake and alive. This doesn’t mean that you need to hit the gym for an hour every day (although you could do that, as well). There are plenty of ways to be active on your own terms.

Sometimes, simply finding ways to walk during your commute can be enough to give you more of a pep in your step. Taking up recreational physical activities, such as a team or individual sport, can also be a great way to get more physical activity into your schedule. If you find yourself needing a bit of a recharge time during the day, then hiking can also be a terrific way to reconnect with nature, and get the physical activity needed to keep you feeling charged up. Hiking is a recommended way to increase your physical and mental health, as shown in this useful article here.

Eat a sufficient amount of food

healthy breakfastFood is where all of us get the energy that we need to go through the day. As this article here shows, not getting enough food can cause your energy levels to crash throughout the day. Inconsistent eating habits can cause your metabolism to slow down, since your body is storing more of what you are eating, in a sort of starvation mode. This means that you’re burning through your energy more slowly, which can make you feel tired and lethargic. Even if you don’t have time to stop and enjoy a full meal in the middle of your day, keeping high-calorie snacks with you, such as nuts and fruits, can help you keep up your calorie count and stay motivated.

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