Are there any law school scholarships?

I get A LOT of people asking me this one big question:

Are there any graduate school or law school scholarships?

YES!!!! There are so many scholarships that are available for students wanting to enroll in graduate school or any professional school like law schools, medical schools, and pharmacy schools.

scholarships for law schoolPeople enrolling in graduate and professional schools are the ones that typically graduate with over $100,000 in student loan debt just from their professional studies.  (This does not include the cost of their undergraduate degree.)

How is this so? How can people pursuing graduate and professional degrees get involved in so much debt?

Well, lets take a look at the facts. Harvard law school costs about $53,000 per year. It usually takes 3 years of law school before you can graduate which means you are easily going to be in debt of over $150,000 upon graduation. Howard dental school costs about $43,000 per year. After 4 years, you will be in over $170,000 of student loan debt.

And to add to the cost of those schools, most people that are attending graduate or professional programs either don’t think there are scholarships available for their program or don’t apply for the scholarships that are available.

One of my clients is a dentist and so is her husband. Both graduated from Howard Dental School over 20 years ago, own their own dental practice, and are still paying on their student loans after over 20 years.

Could you imagine still paying student loans after 20 years? They were coming to me so that their daughter, who was a high school senior, wouldn’t be stuck paying student loans after 20 years like they were.

As you can see, graduate schools and professional schools are very expensive, but there are scholarships that you can apply to that will help you with these costs.

Just to show you that there are scholarships for professional schools and graduate studies, I am going to highlight 2 scholarships for people interested in attending law school.

1. The Federal Circuit Bar Association has scholarships

2. The Donald W. Banner Diversity Scholarship for Law Students

Now that you know there are scholarships for graduate and professional school, which type of scholarships would you like to see next? Let me know in the comment box.

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Happy scholarship winning!

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