military scholarships for children of the marines, army, navy, and air force

Scholarships are literally all around.

And scholarships for the military are no exception.

No, I’m not talking about scholarships for people that are enlisted in the military. We all know that they can go to school for free because the military will pay them.

And no, I’m not talking about scholarships for military veterans either— people who used picture credit uncfsu.eduto be in the military but retired or left. Yes, if you served some time in the military you may be eligible to go to school for free too.

I’m talking about military scholarships for children of those who are in the military. Yes! If your parent is in the military or was in the military, there just might be a scholarship for you.

In fact, there is a Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. This foundation awarded 2,194 scholarships to children of Marine and Navy people just for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. These scholarships ended up totaling 6.6 MILLION dollars. tar

If your parents are in the air force or army, don’t worry there are other military foundations and chapters that will have scholarships for you too!

As always, I’m here for you to help you through your scholarship process. If you need help finding scholarships that you child will be eligible for, lets chat. All you have to do it set up a 60 minute VIP Scholarship Coaching Session by clicking here and you’ll be on your way to scholarship success shortly.

Happy Scholarship Winning!

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