Private Colleges: Pros & Cons

Are private colleges better than public colleges?

With so many different colleges to choose from, it can get overwhelming as a high school private collegessenior. Should you pick from one of the many private colleges to attend? Or should you choose a public college? Lets start by breaking down the pros and the cons of private colleges.

Pros of Private Colleges

  • Smaller class sizes– One of the biggest positives of private colleges are their smaller class sizes. For some people, it is difficult to learn in a huge lecture hall full of students. With smaller class sizes, the professors will be able to get to know you personally and can make sure that everyone in the class understands the lecture material.
  • Scholarships-  Private colleges tend to give out a lot of money to the students in the form of merit scholarships because they receive a lot of endowments and donations.
  • Close Community of Students– Private colleges have a close-knit community where the students are able to communicate with the professors and everyone is involved in campus activities. Also, there will be more student involvement in the classroom so private colleges are more academically driven and focused.

Cons of Private Colleges

  • Lack of Diversity– Private colleges are not known for being very diverse in their student population. Private colleges typically attract a specific type of student, which comprises the majority of their student population.
  • Tuition Private colleges are the most expensive type of college to attend. Yes, we said that private colleges give a lot of financial assistance in the form of scholarships, but those typically go to the students that are at the top of their class, have the highest GPA and SAT scores.
  • Credit Transfers- Private college credits are usually difficult to transfer to other colleges or are non-transferable. This means if you want to transfer to a different college after attending a semester or two (or more) at a private college, you will most likely lose some of the credits that you have earned at the private college. For example, you took 30 credits at a private college. When you transfer over to a different college, only 15 credits might transfer over to the new college. If you want to transfer colleges after attending a private college, you might have to take some classes over at the new university.

After knowing about the pros and cons of private colleges, would you want to attend a private college? Leave a comment letting me know if you would or wouldn’t and why.

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