Public College, Private College, and Community College: Which One Will Get You the Most Debt?

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to graduate college debt-free while others are struggling with piles and piles of debt?

Unless you receive a full ride scholarship to the college of your choice and paying for college is no longer an issue, one major factor that contributes to the outstanding mountain of student loan debt that some people acquire and others don’t is the type of college you choose to attend.

I know a lot of students, including some of my friends, did not take into consideration the type of college they were applying to when submitting their college applications. Right before I graduated college I remember running into a fellow classmate who was a year ahead of me. We caught up on everything that had been going on in our lives and student loan debt was mentioned. She revealed to me that she had accumulated over $80,000 in student loan debt just for her undergraduate degree at a private college in communications and she was not the only one.

I also had another friend who after only two years of private college had acquired $40,000 in student loan debt. She decided to switch to a public college during her Junior year because her private college choice was becoming unaffordable.

Based on these examples, you can see just how much the type of college that you choose to attend will impact your wallet and prevent you from being able to graduate college debt free. If you want to learn how to cut down on some of those college costs, I think you are going to love this video which outlines the three types of colleges— community colleges, public colleges, and private colleges— and their associated costs.

Learning how to choose an affordable college will help you be on your way to graduating college debt free.

Lets take a look at the list of colleges that you have applied to or are thinking of attending. Can you figure out which ones are private colleges? What about the ones that are public colleges? Did you even apply to a community college?

Next, thinking logically about how much the college costs, tell us which college would be the best choice for your wallet and future student-loan-free lifestyle.

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2 Replies to “Public College, Private College, and Community College: Which One Will Get You the Most Debt?”

  1. I knew there was a difference in cost, but I wasn’t aware that private schools are about twice as much.

    1. Yes Charles! The total base price before any scholarships is a big difference, but you always have to look at the specific college’s cost to know the real difference.

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