How to receive scholarships regardless of income or assets

“My child doesn’t qualify for any scholarships because I make too much money.”

So many parents with incomes ranging from $60,000 up to over $150,000 a year approach me with that same problem year after year.

Middle to high income families everywhere fill out their FAFSA forms on their own and wait for the scholarship money to roll in to only be disappointed. A few months after filling out the FAFSA form, they hear back that their child will only qualify for loans.

Now, the summer before classes begin, they are left scrambling. Trying to figure out whether to sign their child up for student loans or take money out of the savings and retirement accounts so their child can get a good college education.

Since your child did not get any scholarships (or your friend’s who makes around the same amount of money as you do did not get any scholarships either for their child), you figure your child will never qualify for any scholarship money because you make too much.

That is furthest from the truth.

In fact, families with high incomes can still win scholarships— you just have to know which type of scholarships to target. Watch and learn!

If you have any college or scholarship questions that you want me to answer, please comment below.

Thank you for reading, watching, and sharing.

Happy scholarship winning!


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