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I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!

remix educationI sure did. I was invited to speak at the Gloria Washington Wallace Young Leaders Scholarship Banquet which was amazing.

Congressman Elijah Cummings was the keynote speaker and delegate Terri Hill was another presenter during the banquet. A few other people in the political arena were in attendance as well.

When I first met the founder of and the scholarship fund, Shayla Adams, last year I wasn’t able to see exactly how much of a wonderful person that she is.

I met her while speaking at the Minority Access College Fair. I was in a rush, but we exchanged contact information and she always kept in touch.

But attending this scholarship banquet has really opened up my eyes. Shayla, along with remix educationother alumni of her high school, put together their own money in order to provide students with scholarships for college.

In addition to providing scholarships, has also been mentoring young women and men in North Carolina, DC, and Maryland.

Shayla really has a heart filled with gold and is giving back to her community.

If you are interested in being a mentor or want to donate to the GWWYL scholarship fund, visit

As you can see, there are scholarship opportunities everywhere. If you’re struggling with finding scholarships that your child is eligible to apply to, email me at and we can help you with that.

Happy Scholarship Winning!

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