Student Loan Forgiveness Programs: Do You Qualify?

student loan forgiveness

With all of the concern and discussions on the debt crisis, can you believe that there are actually student loan forgiveness programs?

According to a recent study, over 33 million workers can qualify for student loan forgiveness.

If you work in a school, hospital, city hall, or join the military, you can be eligible for the student loan forgiveness program. Teachers, firefighters, police officers, soldiers, and even health care workers can qualify for these student loan forgiveness programs. Clerks at state department of motor vehicle offices, secretaries at city halls, and accountants that work at non-profit art groups can also qualify.

One of my friends that graduated with student loan debt signed up to become a teacher through a student loan forgiveness program. She had to work in an under-served area, committed to working there for a set amount of time, and took a pay cut, but to her it was worth it. At the end of her contract, she will be free of student loan debt.

Would you make that trade off— taking a pay cut and working in an under-served area for a specified amount of time to rid yourself of your student loan debt? Leave a comment below with a “yes” or “no” and why you would or wouldn’t.

By: Shanice Miller, founder of

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