Study Abroad to Save Money on College

Did you know that if you study abroad you can actually save money on college?

study abroadMost people think it costs a lot of money to study abroad. If you are going to study abroad through a college in the United States, it will be costly. However, if you study abroad by actually attending a college that is out of the country, it can be a cheaper alternative.

I had a new client walk in today which reminded me of this study abroad trick to saving money on college. She was finishing up her undergraduate degree in Biology this December, but still did not know what she wanted to do career wise. She majored in Biology because she thought she wanted to go to Medical School, but now she was not as certain. Although she did not know what direction she wanted to go in, she was set on continuing her education anyways. After talking to her for a while, I found out that she was originally born in Sweden and was thinking of moving back since she loved it so much the last time that she visited.

I suggested that she should study abroad in Sweden since that is where she is thinking of moving to eventually. Since she was a dual citizen of Sweden and the United States, if she wanted to study abroad and go to school in Sweden it might be cheaper for her (especially since she had already acquired student loan debt). When you study abroad, some colleges that are overseas will offer free tuition or very reduced tuition fees. However, each country has different requirements so the client would have to look into that country’s specific requirements to see if she would qualify for the reduced or free tuition.

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