your job can give your child scholarships!

One of the places that I tell people to look for scholarships is at their parent’s jobs. I’m always telling my clients that that might be one of the easiest places to find scholarships. 

Some people haven’t believed me, but today I’m going to prove it.

I ran across an article the other day titled, “Timken Awards Scholarships Valued at $790,000 to 38 Employees’ Children.” This particular company has a scholarship fund for their employees’ kids.

Timken-companyThis year, they gave 38 children a total of $310,000. However, if the kids reapply each year, they can renew the scholarship and get even more money. This means that they can potentially award $790,000 total in a period of 4 years to the children.

The grand prize winner was awarded $50,000. 2 students got scholarships worth $30,000. 5 students got scholarships worth $10,000. And 30 students got scholarships worth $5,000 for their first year.

If you would like to view the entire article, go to

This is just amazing! So one place that you can look for scholarships for your child is at a place that you visit almost every day— your job.

Happy Scholarship Winning!


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