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Make your scholarship search more successful and efficient. Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by watching my videos that teach you exactly how to find and win the best scholarships for your child or yourself. You can choose to buy the just the video on the topic you need help with or buy video sets and save. You can watch all of these videos online right away – there is no need to wait for a DVD to be mailed.

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Enhance Your Strengths (video 1) – Using the college profile worksheet guide, you will list all of the things about you that make you unique and stand out from other scholarship applicants. These unique characteristics will be the areas of focus when you search for scholarships.  $19.95 

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Where to Find Scholarships (video 2) – Using your profile worksheet, you will learn the places that would have scholarships that you would be a good fit for. The focus is on finding the unknown less advertised scholarships which will make it easier for you to win. $19.95 

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Find Unknown Scholarships Fast (video 3) – In this video you’ll learn how to find unknown scholarships fast using the internet in less than 15 minutes. You’ll learn how to avoid using frustrating sites like Fastweb and other scholarship databases.   $19.95 

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Beat the Scholarship Competition (video 4) –  Learn the most important application Do’s… and “Don’ts”. Learn the key items that to put in your scholarship application to MAKE it stand out from the rest of the applicants and leave out so they don’t BREAK your chance at winning.  $19.95 

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Create the Perfect Scholarship Winning Essay (video 5) – You will learn the top techniques to crafting an essay that will WOW the judges by creating a specific essay theme. Decrease the amount of time spent on writing essays by using it for multiple scholarship applications.  $19.95 

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Obtain the Best Recommendation Letters (video 6) – Learn how to get winning recommendation letters that really soar and don’t suck. Get your teachers and mentors to highlight your strengths even if they don’t know you too well.  $19.95 

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Rock the Scholarship Interview (video 7) – Learn the best tips and techniques on interviewing which will leave a lasting impression on the judges; making you a top candidate for the scholarship award.  $19.95 

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Find the Colleges that Want You (video 8) – I’ll show you how to find schools that want to give you free money to attend. Learn how to find the schools that have full ride scholarships to give you and which ones don’t.  $19.95 


Ultimate Debt-Free College Grad Success System – This is my complete video series designed to walk you through the entire scholarship search and application process. Learn everything you need to know to craft the best scholarship application so that you can get money for your child’s college education without having to use your savings, retirement fund, or drown in student loan debt. System consists of 8 videos that you can watch online as often as you like for as long as you like. $247 $147

Order today and I’ll include 2 Bonus resources: Financial Aid Appeals and Additional Ways to Cut College Costs.

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Scholarship Starter System – If you’re a busy student or family that just wants to know how to find scholarships quickly and save hours of time by avoiding the trial and error of doing it on your own, this one-hour video workshop will show you exactly how and where to find the scholarships that are perfect for you.

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How to Graduate Debt Free – Read more about my scholarship and college success story. You’ll see that it is possible to win college scholarships without having the highest GPA or SAT scores. See how I won scholarships that everyone else said was impossible. Learn how I won scholarships when everyone else said it was impossible or a waste of time.

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