Six College Admissions Consultants You Can Trust

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It’s no secret that higher education is expensive. For some, paying for a college degree will be one of the most expensive purchases in their lives. For others, it may make the reality of college seem like an unattainable dream.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t let the sticker price of a college degree get in the way of making your dreams come true. There are plenty of financial aid options available from traditional loans to unique scholarship opportunities – if you know where to look.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. There are many companies who want to help you find the money to get you on campus and in class. College scholarship consultants will help you understand the college admissions process so you can get in and afford the astronomical price tag.

While financial aid in the form of loans is always a viable option, it can leave students with crushing debt that stretches into years of steep, monthly payments. Scholarships, on the other hand, are a great way to pay for school without the burden of having to repay for the award.

A college scholarship consultant will help you find the thousands of scholarships available to all kinds of students. You don’t have to be an academic or athletic superstar to score a lucrative scholarship. Professional consultants are well versed in the admissions process and will work with you to find the best scholarships available to you based on your strengths and interests.

Here are six college scholarship consultants with proven track records for getting clients into top schools and finding scholarships to help afford the price of admission (and graduation!).  


ScholarEdge was founded by Jason Lund. A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and with professional leadership degrees from MIT and Columbia, Lund knows a thing or two about higher education. Having earned those degrees by earning over $250,000, he understands how to find, apply, and win serious scholarship money.

Lund boasts over a decade of experience in the college admissions field having worked in the Admissions Offices at Harvard and Washington University at St. Louis. As a professional independent college counselor, Lund excels at helping students find schools and scholarships that fit their needs.

He works with students and universities all over the globe and is an expert in the higher education market. He and his team at ScholarEdge understand the complex admissions process and are driven to find you scholarships so you don’t have to take out expensive loans.

Scholarship Gold Consulting

Scholarship Gold Consulting offers comprehensive services for high school students – including how to pay for college. Located in North Carolina, they offer one on one consulting, various virtual and in person seminars, and several informative conferences. Their course on writing a winning scholarship essay is particularly noteworthy.

The team at Scholarship Gold Consulting is lead by founder and owner Elizabeth Hartley. Hartley has been in the field of college admissions for over two decades and is a trusted expert who regularly speaks with mainstream media outlets about the college admissions process and how to land lucrative scholarships. Additionally, as a scholarship judge, Hartley has critical behind-the-scenes knowledge of the entire scholarship journey.

Brand College Consulting

As a parent and teacher, Brand College Consulting founder Jolyn Brand has a unique perspective and experience navigating college scholarships and the entire financial aid process. Since 2003, she has saved thousands of students’ money and headaches by sharing her expertise.

She offers free consultations and has a robust library of articles about the entire college search and admissions process on her blog. She is regularly featured as an expert at conferences, webinars and in magazines like US News and World Reports college ranking editions. 

She is based and Houston but offers virtual consulting as necessary. As part of her standard college consulting package, she provides a detailed report of possible scholarships that might be a good match for your student.

Strategic College Consulting

The team at Strategic College Consulting is dedicated to helping you find the best available scholarships to suit your needs. With thousands of scholarships available, Strategic College Consultants will help you understand all your options. From college specific scholarships to those awarded by corporations, non-profits, and private donors, they will ensure all avenues are explored until you find the best opportunities.

As a former UCLA application reader, a PhD in education, and over 15 years of experience, Dr. Jeffrey Haig founded Strategic College Consulting to help all families make their college dreams, reality. A renowned education expert with a popular podcast (“The Ultimate College Planning Podcast”), Dr. Haig’s passion for education is one of the reasons so many families trust Strategic College Consulting.

Sterling College Consultants

The Sterling College Consulting team has helped students and parents navigate the college admissions process for over 23 years. They approach their work methodically and scientifically constantly improving their methods to give their clients the best possible outcomes.

They have helped countless students earn the maximum amount of scholarship and grant money. They work with families at every step of the complex admissions process ensuring no important tasks are left unfinished or deadlines not met. Based in California, they work with mostly West Coast families find universities across the country. They offer free consultations and comprehensive consulting package with clear and transparent pricing.

Dobler College Consulting

The Dobler College Consulting group believes “college is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.” They treat every student as unique and strive to find your perfect university match. This helps drive them to work hard so every student can flourish at college.

Eric Dobler began Dobler College Consultants after working in college admissions for over a decade. He and his teamwork with diverse students (from scholars to athletes to musicians to artists), your consultant will work to understand you and your interests and needs to help narrow your college search.

Based in Connecticut, Dobler consultants are passionate about sharing their expertise and helping clients find the best scholarships for every kind of students. They believe everyone deserves an education regardless of socioeconomic standing, test scores, or academic rankings.

College admissions are only growing more competitive. Every student deserves a chance at furthering their education. Scholarships provide a chance for all families to turn the dream of a college degree into a reality. A smart, savvy, and energetic college consultant will work with you to find enough scholarship money, leaving you ready for a debt-free, limitless future.

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