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Clients come to me because they… photo cred:

  • Are open to exploring new ways of earning scholarship money without having to dip into their retirement accounts or personal savings.
  • Are committed to investing in their own education or their children’s education with minimal to no use of student loans to bring their dreams into a reality.
  • Attempted to research scholarships on their own, but want the help of an expert guide to cherry-pick the right scholarships that they have the best shot at winning.
  • Understand that the key to winning scholarship money is not only about applying for the right scholarships, but also about crafting an exceptional application that stands out from the crowd.
  • Are concerned that they make too much money to qualify for need-based scholarships and want to get expert advice on the inside secrets to merit-based scholarships
  • Are crunched for time and do not have hours and hours to spend researching scholarships and would rather the ease of having an expert guide at their side with a proven track record of measurable success.

Does this sound like you? If so,

I provide scholarship services for…

  • High school children: 9th-12th graders. The earlier you start the scholarship search, the easier it will be to win money for college. (There are even scholarships available for middle school and elementary school children!)
  • Returning Adults: people who want to go back to school
  • Students Interested in Pursuing Graduate and Professional Degrees: Professional degrees include Law School, Medical School, etc.

If any of this sounds like you, let’s start! The perfect scholarship resource for your family will be the…

Ultimate Debt Free College Grad Personal Scholarship Coach

In this Personal Scholarship Coaching Program, you will…

Learn everything you need to know to craft the best scholarship application so that you can get money for your child’s college education without having to use your personal savings, retirement fund, or acquire high interest student loans.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover during this private, one-on-one program. Each child is different so the program will be perfectly tailored to your child’s needs.

  • Enhance Your Strengths: Using the college profile worksheet guide, you will list all of the things about you that make you unique and stand out from other scholarship applicants. These unique characteristics will be the areas of focus when you search for scholarships.
  • Find Unknown/ Low Competition Scholarships: Using your profile worksheet, you will learn the places that would have scholarships that you would be a good fit for. The focus is on finding the unknown less advertised scholarships— the ones that not many people are applying to— which will make it easier for you to win.
  • Create the Perfect Scholarship Winning Essay: You will learn the top techniques to crafting an essay that will WOW the judges by creating a specific essay theme. This theme will also decrease the amount of time spent on writing essays by showing your child how to take one essay and use it for multiple scholarship applications.
  • Obtain Winning Recommendation Letters: Learn how to get your teachers and mentors to highlight your strengths even if they don’t know you too well. 
  • Rock the Scholarship Interview: Learn the best tips and techniques on interviewing which will leave a lasting impression on the judges; making you a top candidate for the scholarship award.

The Personal Scholarship Coaching Program gives you strategy and support to help you easily and quickly find scholarships that your child will be eligible for and to fill out an entire scholarship application in a way which highlights your child’s strengths.

The focus of the Personal Scholarship Coaching Program is to help your child win scholarships for college in order to reduce the amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket for your child’s college education.

What It Includes
This is a complete mentorship program where your child and I get really close and personal to make their scholarship application worthy of the scholarship award. It includes tons of personalized attention and is for someone who is committed and passionate about winning scholarships for college.

  • Handpicked Private Scholarships- I personally will send a list of handpicked scholarships that your child will be eligible for.
  • The Profile Worksheet which helps your child see exactly where they should search to find scholarships.
  • Essay Strategy Calls-We will brainstorm ideas, come up with a theme and the key points to put in the essay to WOW the scholarship judges. I also show your child how to take one essay and use it for multiple scholarship applications.
  • Strength Assessment and Enhancement Calls- We get very specific on your child’s strengths, things to do to enhance the scholarship application, schools that will provide automatic scholarships, and specifically tailored places to search for unknown scholarships.
  • Essay Review Calls- We review the scholarship essay for any grammatical, spelling, and content errors.
  • Scholarship Application Review Calls- We review your entire scholarship application for any grammatical, spelling, and content errors.
  • Mock Interview Skype Session- I will be a scholarship judge and you will be the applicant. We will do a mock interview so you will feel more comfortable and prepared when doing a real scholarship interview. I will be looking at everything the scholarship judges will evaluate on and will make suggestions as necessary.
  • And Much More!


testimonial floyd clark“My son is now a student at Old Dominion University all thanks to Shanice Miller. At first my son was thinking of going into the military because we did not have enough money for college. During April of his senior year, I met Shanice who gave him the exact scholarship advice and tips that my son needed. Now, he has a full-ride scholarship to Old Dominion University which would have cost us $68,000 for him to attend all 4 years. His books are paid for and he has even received a refund check back from the college this semester. Thank you, Shanice.”

-Floyd Clark | Parent

I handpick my clients carefully and only work with a handful of passionate, action-orientated clients a year. Depending on when you choose to apply, you might be placed on a waiting list. This program is not for someone looking for free money to magically appear overnight just in time for school to start next month. This is about creating a solid, persuasive scholarship application package that can be used multiple times to help you achieve scholarship success and ultimately to help you graduate college debt-free!

So, if you’re ready to apply, take the first step by booking a complimentary 60-Minute Scholarship Strategy Session here

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