Scholarship Training Video

How to Easily Save Your Family 50% on the Cost of College Even If You Make Too Much Money

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The Scholarship Starter System will show you the way to scholarship success!

Scholarship DVD

Do you need help knowing where to begin in the scholarship process?

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with finding scholarships that you don’t qualify for or that don’t apply to you?

Do you think that your GPA and SAT scores are too low to qualify for scholarships…

Or you make too much money to qualify for scholarships?

Or maybe you’ve applied to scholarships in the past but haven’t won any.

If so, let me help you with the Scholarship Starter System!

If you’re a busy student or family that just wants to know how to find scholarships quickly and save hours of time by avoiding the trial and error of doing it on your own, this one-hour video workshop will show you exactly how and where to find the scholarships that are perfect for you.

With the one-hour video workshop, you will also get instant access to my $1 Million Scholarship List: a list of scholarships worth over 1 Million Dollars!

Whether you are a:

  • High school student
  • College student
  • Graduate student, or
  • Returning adult,  the Scholarship Starter System will be the perfect place for you to start.

This scholarship system not only helped me graduate college 100% debt-free with $10,000 in refund checks, but it has also helped hundreds of other families. See just a few of my customer testimonials.