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Hey there,

On the videos, I’m sharing my story of how I went from not having any scholarships for college to graduating college debt-FREE and even receiving $10,000 back from the college all through applying for and winning scholarships. And here’s the thing-

If I did it, then so can YOU!

Just to be completely honest, this video series is exactly what you need if right now you feel like your family makes too much money to qualify for scholarships, if you’ve tried applying to scholarships in the past, but haven’t heard anything back, or if you’re overwhelmed with using search engines like Fastweb without getting results, and you want the guidance and strategy to start finding and winning the scholarships that are perfect for your child right now!

But before you get into the videos, I have a quick challenge for you!

How would you like to start finding scholarships fast that your child is eligible for right now?

I know that you have heard that there are scholarships out here that go unclaimed because no one is applying and you would like to know where. These scholarships sound a bit too good to be true, but they are available. These are exactly the types of scholarships that my clients find – and win – all the time!

And right now I have something pretty cool for you… as the newest member of my scholarship insider community, I’d love to offer you a one-time gift of my SUPER popular Find Scholarships Fast Without the Frustration of Fastweb Scholarship Tutorial. Normally, I sell this for $49, but right now you can grab it for just $7.

I know you’re going to love it as I cover exactly how to use the Internet to find the low competition and unknown scholarships that you’ll be eligible for immediately without using those dreaded scholarship search databases that lead you no where.

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Find Scholarships Fast Without Fastweb- ONLY $7

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