Will you be my next success story?

Here’s some feedback received from actual customers. Allow us help you find and win scholarships and maybe you’ll be my next success story.

“My son is now a student at Old Dominion University all thanks to Shanice Miller. At first my son was thinking of going into the military because we did not have enough money for college. During April of his senior year, I met Shanice who gave him the exact scholarship advice and tips that my son needed. Now, he has a full-ride scholarship to Old Dominion University which would have cost us $68,000 for him to attend all 4 years. His books are paid for and he has even received a refund check back from the college this semester. Thank you, Shanice.”

-Floyd Clark | Parent

“I don’t normally leave feedback but I really wanted to thank you for your help with finding scholarships. My son was accepted to George Mason and now we’ll actually be able to afford it thanks to you. My son was going to go into the Navy to pay for school but now we have most of the expense covered. His scholarships will cover nearly $50,000 for him to go for 4 years. Thanks again Shanice!”

-Justin Wills | Parent

“As a returning adult who was thinking about returning to school but didn’t know where to start, Shanice’s help was very useful in my search for scholarships. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to qualify for scholarships because my wife and myself made too much money, however, just after one session with Shanice, I was able to obtain a $3,000 scholarship without having to fill out a single essay.  She helped me narrow down my search for scholarships to specific ones which I was able to qualify for. Shanice made finding scholarships simple and I am thoroughly pleased with our work together. It was a great assistance to me.”

– John Reid | Returning Adult Student

“It was truly a pleasure to have witnessed such an awesome presentation regarding Scholarships & Grants. Shanice’s content and delivery in presenting the process in preparing for college with a debt-free mindset as well as her personal experiences, significantly helped our students and parents in a tremendous way. We all needed a fresh outlook on how we should position ourselves with respect to funding our students’ college education. I feel like Shanice really met the needs of our students and parents as well as the professional staff who agreed that they have yet to hear such in depth information about FAFSA, SCHOLARSHIPS, and GRANTS. All families need to hear Shanice’s message and grab a hold of the inspiration she gives them, which is extremely contagious!”

-Alonzo Bailey | Parent & Site Coordinator for GEAR UP Educational Program

“I’m SO glad I found your videos Shanice. I’m paying for my own college expenses and I need all of the help I can get. I really didn’t know where to start with finding scholarships and your videos made it very clear cut. I applied for several scholarships and ended up winning a $2500 a year from my dad’s union. This combined with going to a cheaper school and me working will allow me to graduate (nearly) debt free. Thanks a bunch for your help.

-Chris Montgomery | Student

“Obtaining financial aid was critical being able to attend the university of my choice.   When I was in high school, the guidance counselors had to compile as much scholarship information as they could and literally put copies of applications into filing cabinets for students to find and take as needed.  I was able to get one such scholarship through this manual search, find and apply process, as well as other aid from my school through completing the FAFSA and university-specific scholarship/aid applications.

However, had the Debt Free College Graduate system been available when I was applying for school, my search would have been much more comprehensive and the benefits much more tangible.  Now that I am a parent, I know that it is never too early to start looking.  The beauty of Shanice’s system is that it can also be applied to pre-college studies.  This system is the best gift that any parent can give not only to their child, but to themselves.”

-Laila Yates | Parent

“The information, tools and encouragement Shanice provided to families during her workshop gave them the  knowledge needed to overcome the financial barriers to attaining a college degree – DEBT-FREE!”

-Janis Hagey | Parent & Coordinator of Scholarship Workshops

“The information that Shanice provides is priceless.”

-Chanda Coleman | Parent & Program Specialist for Harmony Hall Regional Center