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Your Million Dollar Scholarship List should be making its way to your inbox very soon. Before you check your email, I have some information that will really help you find scholarships that will be perfect for your child!

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If you’re like most families that I’ve helped, you’re getting this list because you’re really serious about finding scholarships for college to help reduce the out of pocket costs that you’ll have to  pay. You might be just starting out and don’t know where to begin in this confusing process or you might have already spent countless hours on Fastweb or any other scholarship search database getting frustrated and confused because you aren’t finding the scholarships that your child qualifies for.

Now you’re wishing you had a secret weapon you could use to guarantee that you will find the specific scholarships that your child is perfect for that doesn’t ask you about your household income or assets.

Well, you’re in luck! There is a secret weapon that you CAN use to find the scholarships that will be perfect for your child.

The Scholarship Starter System will show you the way to scholarship success!

  • Do you need help knowing where to begin in the scholarship process?
  • Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with finding scholarships that you don’t qualify for or that don’t apply to you?
  • Do you think that your GPA and SAT scores are too low to qualify for scholarships…
  • Or you make too much money to qualify for scholarships?
  • Or maybe you’ve applied to scholarships in the past but haven’t won any.

If so, let me help you with the Scholarship Starter System!

If you’re a busy student or family that just wants to know how to find scholarships quickly and save hours of time by avoiding the trial and error of doing it on your own, this one-hour video workshop will show you exactly how and where to find the scholarships that are perfect for you.

Whether you are a:

  • High school student
  • College student
  • Graduate student, or
  • Returning adult,  the Scholarship Starter System will be the perfect place for you to start.


This scholarship system not only helped me graduate college 100% debt-free with $10,000 in refund checks, but it has also helped hundreds of other families:

testimonial bonnita bradley (2)

Shanice’s presentation at the Debt Free College Degree Seminar was delivered professionally, but it wasn’t until I got home that I began to wonder whether the Scholarship Starter System would meet my high expectations. But, Shanice actually exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge, experience, insight, and sincere interest helped me realize there were scholarship opportunities for my son that we never thought of looking into. Parents really need to understand the importance of obtaining guidance from experienced professionals in the scholarship arena.

-Bonnita Bradley | Parent


testimonial floyd clark“My son is now a student at Old Dominion University all thanks to Shanice Miller. At first my son was thinking of going into the military because we did not have enough money for college. During April of his senior year, I met Shanice who gave him the exact scholarship advice and tips that my son needed. Now, he has a full-ride scholarship to Old Dominion University which would have cost us $68,000 for him to attend all 4 years. His books are paid for and he has even received a refund check back from the college this semester. Thank you, Shanice.”

-Floyd Clark | Parent


testimonial- john reid“As a returning adult who was thinking about returning to school but didn’t know where to start, Shanice’s help was very useful in my search for scholarships. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to qualify for scholarships because my wife and myself made too much money, however, just after one session with Shanice, I was able to obtain a $3,000 scholarship without having to fill out a single essay. She helped me narrow down my search for scholarships to specific ones which I was able to qualify for. Shanice made finding scholarships simple and I am thoroughly pleased with our work together. It was a great assistance to me.”

– John Reid | Returning Adult Student


testimonial- laila yates

“This system is the best gift that any parent can give not only to their child, but to themselves.”


-Laila Yates | Parent



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