How to Win Scholarships for College and Graduate Debt Free

My Debt Free College Story: I Graduated Debt Free & Got Back $10,000

college gradWhen I graduated from University of Maryland, Baltimore Dental School in 2011, tuition was $10,000 a semester for in-state tuition. If I hadn’t done my research, I could have shelled out more than $80,000 for my degree. But instead, I ended up paying nothing in tuition – and I actually got money back every semester! I am happy in my profession and able to move on with my life after college – I ended up buying my first home three months after graduation and I’m living a travel filled adult life.

There's other sites that claim to provide scholarship assistance, but I provide actual advice that you can put to use to find and win scholarships. Just watch my video series and get all of the tips that I used that allowed me to go to college and dental school for free. These videos have helped hundreds of other parents and students find the scholarships they need and I know they'll help you too! I wrote “How to Graduate College Debt Free with Money in the Bank” and created this site to make sure that no one else has to worry about how to pay for college. No one should have to think about dropping out because they can’t afford tuition. No one should have to mortgage their present to pay for the future. And I want to help you achieve your dreams…debt free.

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Are you committed to investing in your child's education (or your own) with minimal to no use of student loans to bring their dreams into a reality?

I sure was. Especially with how expensive college is...

The Cost of College

The College Board estimates that a student attending a public four year college will spend an average of $8,665 per year. If your child graduates in four years, that means $34,620 in tuition alone. Going to an out-of-state school or private college? Your costs skyrocket to an estimated $20,000 or $30,000 per year, meaning before you get your first professional job, you are already in debt to the tune of close to $120,000. College costs put significant financial strain on new graduates and their families, forcing students to choose between their dream schools and schools that are offering any kind of scholarship to help control costs. For parents, their choice is to fund their retirement or watch their salaries disappear with every semester. The costs for one student is astronomical - the cost for multiple students is untenable.

But what if there was a way to get a quality education - and still graduate debt free?

It may seem that to get the education you deserve, experts and colleges want you to go into debt, taking out loans that look like a mortgage. My name is Shanice Miller, and I graduated from college completely debt free. In fact, I even received over $10,000 from the college.

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Do you feel like you make too much money to get scholarships for college? Have you attempted to research scholarships for your child on your own, but want the help of an expert guide to cherry-pick the right scholarships that your child has the best shot at winning? Do you feel like your child's GPA or SAT scores aren't high enough to win scholarships?

Then let me help you.

I help families by sharing the step-by-step strategy I used to win scholarships to completely pay for college. Learn how you too can earn scholarship money for college which will...