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Student loan debt has become a national crisis, with over $1.5 trillion in debt spread among 45 million Americans. Many new graduates now begin their careers buried in debt, unable to afford a house or many other things. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

I’ll show you how to find, apply, and win college scholarships that allow you to pay for college without going into student loan debt.


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I want every student to be able to graduate college free from burdensome debt. I will help you find, apply for, and win scholarships. My videos show you exactly how.

When I graduated from University of Maryland, Baltimore Dental School in 2011, tuition was $10,000 a semester for in-state tuition. If I hadn’t done my research, I could have shelled out more than $80,000 for my degree. But instead, I ended up paying nothing in tuition – and I actually got money back every semester! I am happy in my profession and able to move on with my life after college – I ended up buying my first home three months after graduation and I’m living a travel filled adult life.

Read more about my story.

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The Ultimate Debt Free College Grad Success System is my complete video series designed to walk you through the entire scholarship search and application process. Learn everything you need to know to craft the best scholarship application so that you can get money for your child’s college education

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